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Chickni.in Franchise Details

  • 1) The entire shop size needs to be at least 200sq ft.
  • 2) The shop selection will be done by us.
  • 3) There can be only one franchise in one location no other franchise will be given within the range of 5 km of another franchise.
  • 4) Total capital investment will be of ₹8 lakh which includes the interior decoration of the shop as well as the security deposit.
  • 5) Items to be provided by are as follows :-
  • a- Chef will be provided by us with proper training.
  • b- A special training to all the employees to run the kitchen.
  • c- Entire order receiving system to be provided by us and training will be provided to handle it.
  • d- Supply of raw materials, take and delivery packages will be provided by us.
  • For further details please contact us :-
  • Phone Number : +91 9038270757
  • Email : subhadittya@chickni.in